June 10-13 / Fredericton, New Brunswick

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Thank you for your submissions!

Artist submissions for FLOURISH Festival 2021 are now closed. Thank you to all of the artists and groups who submitted their proposals. We accept applications from artists of all disciplines, included (but not limited to) musicians, bands, installation artists, visual artists, poets, and more.

FLOURISH Festival will be taking place June 10-13 2021. Our festival is usually in April, but we've moved it to allow for more outdoor performances and installations. We will be presenting projects from artists regardless of physical location, with an option to participate remotely depending on COVID-19 travel restrictions at the time.

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We encourage, promote, organize, present, develop and showcase interdisciplinary arts activities within Fredericton.

We are a not-for-profit organization dedicated to presenting and promoting emerging artists. Since 2014, the festival and organization have evolved into a four-day festival presenting music, educational programming, visual art, theatre, community projects, public art, and more across Fredericton. FLOURISH Festival is a labour of love and is run primarily by volunteers.

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Community is at the heart of what we do.

FLOURISH Festival would not be possible without the ongoing support of local businesses, government, artists, and more. Visit our sponsor page for more information - we love you all and FLOURISH Festival would not be possible without you!

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