Empty Nesters

Music - Garage lofi post-rock Montreal

The most exciting musical moments occur at crossroads: the conscious mingling with the unconscious, new methods being layered on top of abandoned structures. Empty Nesters, the project of Chinese–Canadian artist Eric Liao, emerges from the synthesis of various sonic ventures. Swinging between blistering warehouse punk rock and stylized art rock, Empty Nesters conveys an idiosyncratic vision fashioned out of Montreal's abundant kinetic energy. An unfathomable force, Liao has released 8 EP’s over 5 years, each bursting with distortion, live intensity, and a DIY ethos. His songwriting turns inward, and in the search for understanding and self-actualization, probes themes of isolation, addiction, anger, and familial trauma. What may seem too dark or too depressing is reimagined into relatable and engaging experiences. What is scary and uncertain gives way to beauty and form.


JUNE 20-23 2024

Music + Art + Workshops +

Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

On the unceded territory of the Wolastoqiyik and Mi’kmaq Peoples

$80 Licenced 19+ $10 All ages $40 Limited early bird [SOLD OUT]